Wisconsin Innovation Awards Finalist

2015 trophiesOn July 23rd, 2017, CORNCOB, Inc. was announced as one of thirty companies selected as finalists for the Wisconsin Innovation Awards. 233 companies spanning all parts of Wisconsin, ranging from large, medium, and small companies, startups, established businesses and representing nearly every industry, were nominated for the award. A panel of 23 statewide industry experts judged and selected the finalists based off of the companies’ application forms and websites.

Many associated with the Water Council have received this award in past years, including Microbe Detectives (who will be hosting the Microbiome Water Summit in September), and the BREW Accelerator Program. We were nominated for this award by Dr. Bill Dougan, business professor at University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, member of the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Innovation Awards, and BREW IV coach.

We will be going to the Wisconsin Union Theater in Madison October 4th where the awards ceremony will take place and where the 10 winners will be announced. The event is from 5PM-8PM and is open to the public, so all are welcome to attend! For more information about the event, visit their website at www.wisconsininnovationawards.com